Elevate Cable ASSEMBLY Reliability with Overmolded Solutions

Welcome to the future of cable assembly durability and performance – Overmolded cable assemblies. Our innovative overmolding process transforms standard cables into robust, resilient solutions designed to excel in demanding applications. Explore the key features, applications, and advantages that make overmolded cable assemblies the go-to choice for industries requiring superior protection and longevity.

What is an Overmolded Cable Assembly?

Overmolded cables represent a technological leap in cable assembly design. This advanced process involves encapsulating specific sections of cables, including connectors, with a protective layer of materials such as durable plastics or rubber. This overmolded layer not only fortifies the cable against wear but also provides essential strain relief and environmental protection.

The Advantages of Overmolded Cable

  • Enhanced Durability: Overmolding significantly enhances the cable’s durability, making it resistant to abrasion, impact, and wear. This translates to a longer service life and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Strain Relief: The molded layer acts as an effective strain relief, safeguarding the cable and connectors from damage caused by excessive bending or flexing. This is particularly crucial in applications involving frequent movement.
  • Environmental Protection: Overmolded cables create a protective barrier against environmental factors like moisture, dust, and chemicals. This resilience is vital in applications where cables are exposed to challenging conditions.
  • Customization: Our overmolding process allows for tailored designs, ensuring a perfect fit for specific connectors and cables. This level of customization meets the unique requirements of diverse applications.


  • Military Aerospace: Overmolded cables in these applications provide robust protection for cable harnesses connectors, and other electrical components. Abrasion resistance, corrosion prevention, fungus inertness, electrical dielectric strength, and environmental sealing are benefits with this solution in harsh environments.
  • Industrial Environments: Overmolded cables shine in industrial settings where cables face rigorous use, mechanical stress, and exposure to harsh elements. Their enhanced durability ensures optimal performance in demanding conditions.
  • Consumer Electronics: In consumer electronics, overmolded cables find their place in USB cables, chargers, and audio cables. The added protection ensures a prolonged lifespan, making them ideal for everyday use.
  • Medical Devices: Overmolded cables play a crucial role in medical devices, providing durability and cleanliness essential for the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry.


  • MIL-STD-2041: Military Standard Compound that is a two-component, chemically cured, polyurethane compounds for the molding, encapsulating, and potting of watertight electrical connectors, cables, cable end seals, circuit boards, and other electrical components.
  • Low Pressure MOLDMAN Molding: Henkel’s Technomelt®, formerly known as Macromelt®, is a line of premium hot melt adhesives used in various manufacturing and product assembly applications.

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