Inspection and Testing

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Rigorous Inspection and Testing for Unparalleled Quality!

At Trek Connect, testing capabilities form a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering superior quality and performance. We take pride in our advanced testing infrastructure, where each product undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure flawless functionality. Our skilled technicians and engineers employ a diverse range of testing methodologies, including precision measurement, signal integrity analysis, stress tests, and environmental simulations. From wire harnesses to fiber optic assemblies and beyond, every product is subject to meticulous examination, aligning with Defense  and Aerospace industry standards and client specifications. This dedication to comprehensive testing empowers us to guarantee that our connectivity solutions excel in the most demanding environments, providing our customers with the reliability and peace of mind they deserve. At Trek Connect, we understand that “Failure is not an option”. We stand firm in our pursuit of excellence, assuring that our products perform flawlessly, time and time again.

Associations and standards

  • REF
  • MIL-STD-202
  • IPC
  • WHMA

Advanced Continuity and Hi-Pot AC-DC test systems

Trek Connect can design and fabricate custom in-house test cables (TCAT) and test fixtures to interface between our state-of-the-art CIRRIS® Signature 1100 Series Advanced Continuity and Hi-Pot AC-DC test systems (up to 1500VDC) and our deliverable assemblies, ensuring that the assemblies meet or exceed applicable customer or military specifications. Higher test voltages are achieved using our manual Hi-Pot test equipment.

Cable Test Adapters (TCAT) and test fixtures

Trek has decades of Cable Test Adapters on hand that intermate to a very broad selection of both common Military Interconnects as well as very specialized interconnects used across many Department of Defense and Aerospace platforms.

Work In Process (WIP) Visual Inspections

Digital and Analog Microscopes being used to Inspect Electrical Contact Crimps

Fiber Optic Inspections/Cleaning

Termini End face Geometry validated with Interferometer

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