Hi-Speed Quadrax

Unleashing Performance Excellence with Quadrax Cable ASSEMBLIES

Welcome to the cutting edge of high-performance cabling solutions – Quadrax cable assemblies. Designed to meet the demands of aerospace, military, and other mission-critical applications, Quadrax cable assemblies represent the pinnacle of reliability, signal integrity, and robust construction. In this comprehensive guide, discover the key applications, advantages, and materials that make Quadrax cable assemblies the preferred choice for high-speed data transmission in challenging environments.


  1. Signal Integrity Assurance: Quadrax Cables feature individual shielding for each of the four conductors, reducing electromagnetic interference for superior signal integrity.

  2. Robust Construction: Engineered for harsh environments, Quadrax Cables’ rugged construction ensures durability against temperature variations, vibrations, and mechanical stress.

  3. High-Speed Data Transmission: With a square configuration of conductors, Quadrax Cables facilitate high-speed data transmission for swift and reliable communication.


  1. Aerospace and Defense: Quadrax Cables excel in avionics, radar systems, and military communication networks, delivering uncompromised reliability in extreme conditions.

  2. Data Centers and Telecommunications: Ideal for high-speed data transmission, Quadrax Cables are making waves in data centers and telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring optimal signal integrity.

  3. Medical Electronics: Quadrax Cables play a crucial role in medical electronics, ensuring precision and consistency in applications like diagnostic equipment and patient monitoring systems.


  1. Conductors: Quadrax Cables consist of four conductors arranged in a square configuration, enhancing performance and reducing cross-talk.

  2. Shielding: Individual shielding for each conductor protects signals from external interference, contributing to the cables’ durability.

  3. Jacketing: Quadrax Cables feature outer jacketing crafted from materials that resist environmental factors, UV radiation, and abrasion, ensuring prolonged functionality.

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